Why is Post Production Important?

A version of this article was originally published in June, 2016 by Jordan Mears.


Editing is one of the most important parts of a film production. With editing, one assembles the shots filmed during principal photography to form a coherent story.  Indeed, the role of an editor is to cut the material into an effective video for viewing. Not an easy task by any means. In this, the editor needs to think like an audience member or consumer, and consider when to hit the peaks, when to turn up the music on that dramatic dolly push in shot, when to cut away, etc. It’s all about being effective. In doing this, the editor needs to look through the footage to see what they have to work with, using the script and shot list for reference.

When it comes to editing, it’s all about pacing and timing. Reviewing all the footage to find the clips to cut between can take time, and skill. Clips used and cut together must show motivation, and very often music is a key factor for pacing. Additionally, color correction is incredibly important in editing. With color, the mood is built to go along with the tone already established via pacing and music. Audio is often overlooked, but is probably THE most important part of post production. The audience needs to hear clearly what is being presented, and during post production audio is tweaked and sweetened to ensure this in the case.

Editing enhances performances. Video is a controlled medium, so with editing a performance can be understated or overstated as needed. The editor controls this, and is responsible for building up a pace and a rhythm. It is during post production that often times large chucks of raw footage end up ‘on the cutting room floor’. A video may be restructured and the audience will never know the difference. That’s the magic of editing.

Having an intelligent script, skillful camera and audio work, and seasoned producing and directing are crucial aspects to making a marketing video successful, but perhaps the most important piece is the editing process. When combining the technical knowledge and skill with creativity and craftsmanship, the choices editors make can affect the overall tone of the piece and what emotions they want to evoke.

For corporate, industrial and marketing videos especially, it is important to realize what you are trying to convey with your video, and editing allows the information to be trimmed into a concise and clear message.  When edited correctly, a video reaches its full potential.

Editing is crucial to the outcome of any story, and that is why it is paramount to have a competent company working on your video. Intersect Video is pleased to offer professional post production services that delivers effective, confident results. We have multimedia business experience you can trust.