How Important Are Training Videos To Your Business?

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Although training videos have been around for years, the advances in video and media have changed the whole concept for good. Digital training videos are more flexible, interactive, and effective than ever – but just how have training videos changed and why are they now so important to your business?

Video Is Adaptable

Digital video is a highly flexible media nowadays and can be stored on DVD, USB sticks, embedded on your website and used in a PowerPoint presentation. Video is highly adaptable and versatile training material, as it can be stored and viewed in a multitude of ways, making it very applicable to your business’ needs.


Video has changed greatly since the days of the VHS tape. Rather than making your employees sit and watch it in a stuffy room, if you host your training video on YouTube they can interact with clickable options throughout leading to the next section of video content. This means that they can choose answers by clicking on interactive elements of the video, and see the results with the next section of video content. Involving employees not only increases their learning but allows them to see the consequences of their actions without making real mistakes, making interactivity a key reason why you should use training videos.

Accessibility For Your Staff

Video is now highly accessible as it can be viewed on many platforms, ranging from your mobile, to your tablet, your TV, your computer, your laptop. It can be viewed both on and off the web, enabling your employees to access it at almost any time. They can view it at their own convenience, meaning that you don’t need to organize a time when everyone is available to view it together, and also allowing them to absorb the information fully.

An Engaging Media

Video is a highly powerful tool, enabling you to reach your staff and engage them. Your employees are far more likely to absorb the information and implement it into their own work when they are learning from such an interesting media than if they were reading from tiring manuals and leaflets.