Why Is Project Management Important?

A version of this article was originally published in December, 2011 by Gaurav Akrani, with additional excerpts by Sarita Harbour. 


In the creative space, project management means the planning, organizing, directing and controlling of multimedia project activities. Project management also deals with decision-making regarding the specifications, quality, approach and cost of a project, and applies to the management principles of a project. The importance of project management can be broken down into the following bullet points:

  1. Accomplishment of the project’s objectives : Project management helps the project achieve all its objectives, which in turn satisfies the customers’ needs and wants. Over time, this allows the company overseeing the project to increase clients and sales.
  2. Reputation, Goodwill and Image : Project management ensures the project is satisfactory to customers upon delivery. This increases the overseeing company’s reputation, goodwill and image. A good image also helps the company to expand and grow.
  3. Supports other functional areas : Project management often indirectly supports other functional areas in an organisation, such as marketing, finance, and personnel. The marketing department will find it easier to represent well-managed services, and the finance department will get more funds due to an increase in sales.  The personnel department will be able to manage the human resources effectively due to the better performance of the production department.
  4. Helps to face competition : Project management helps the company face competition in the market. This is because project management ensures services of the right specifications, quality and price.
  5. Minimizes project costs : Project management helps to minimize the cost of a media project, as the goal is to maximize efficiency of staff and resources. This not only helps save the client money, but also helps the company to expand and grow.

Project management is a growing field used increasingly by businesses of all sizes in the creative industry. Dedicated project managers oversee projects from conception to completion, and effective project management techniques helps companies carry out large-scale projects on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the rest of the business. Project managers have expertise and experience in creating plans to deliver these items. In addition, they seamlessly integrate resources across a company’s departments and utilize communication, planning and budgeting skills to bring projects to completion.

Intersect Video utilizes a project manager on all client projects, regardless of size. As stated above, we agree that such a dedicated point of contact ensures the delivery of all projects on time and on budget. For projects requiring video production, Intersect Video also offers production management of experienced and professional crew people, who are also highly qualified as service providers and equipment operators. Individuals are generally members of IATSE or Teamsters. Project Management is always billed as an ‘expense’ with all labor fees handled through Intersect Video’s parent company Road’s End Films, Inc., alleviating any additional taxes or payroll fees that may otherwise be required to clients or third party productions.